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Grow your business with the machinery and equipment that you need.

At Monetium Leasing, we provide Hire Purchase and Leasing options for you to purchase or rent machinery and equipment.


Hire Purchase

Monetium Leasing offers instalment plans for your machinery and equipment purchases. 

make better budgeting decisions for your business and improve your cash flow.

Benefits of Hire Purchase

If machinery and equipments are fundamental assets that keep your business going, hire purchase is a great option to avoid heavy upfront payments that would affect your budget. 

Paying for your hardware assets by instalments allows you to focus your budget on other aspects of your business.


  • Applicable to most fixed assets
  • Hirer gains ownership of asset upon full payment
  • Get financing up to 92% of the total asset value







We provide asset rental for businesses that require hardware for a short period of time.

This option lets you pay rent for use of an asset over an agreed duration.  

Renting hardware helps to lower your upfront business costs and 

Benefits of Leasing

Paying rental for the use of machinery and equipment is a great way to reduce cost for your business.  If your company requires machinery and equipment for short and mid-term projects, leasing is a fantastic option.

Our M&E Leasing package offers a fixed interest rate that is structured based on your business’s liquidity levels.

By applying for a lease, Monetium Leasing will rent out the required hardware in return of regular payments from your company.


  • Financing of up to 100% of the vehicle value
  • Clear sight of future expenditure for easy budgeting
  • Help maintain and control cash flow




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