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What is Merchant Cash Advance?

If your business accepts payments by credit and debit cards, Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) can meet your working capital needs.

Suitable for business in the retail, F&B and eCommerce sector, MCA offers business owners immediate funds in exchange of a percentage of their credit and debit card income.

Is your business projected to gain a huge volume in daily credit and debit card transactions over the next few months?

At Monetium Leasing, we purchase future credit and debit card receipts from your business and convert them into immediate funds that sustains your business growth plans.

How does it work?

Now you can improve the cash flow of your business by exchanging a fixed amount of your future card sales for a cash advance from us!



  1. Process payment from your customers via credit or debit card
  2. Your daily transactions are transmitted to Montium Leasing
  3. Monetium Leasing collects the accumulated transactions
  4. Monetium Leasing retains the agreed percentage of card sales and remits the balance to you 


Why apply for Merchant Cash Advance?

  • Enjoy repayment flexibilities
    Arrange repayments based on the sales volume of your business.
    Business continuity should be a TOP priority of every business.
    Our Merchant Cash Advance scheme offers flexible repayment processes for you to enjoy the best cash flow benefits, hassle-free!
  • More capital for your new business venture.
    Whether you are setting up a new business unit, or expansion plans are already in progress, cash flow is always a top priority for the business.
    Exchanging credit card transactions gives you spendable cash for your business.
  • Turn business growth into instant cash flow
    You have secured pre-orders of your fantastic products.
    Sales projections for the next few quarters are looking great for you.
    Turn those opportunities into cash flow for your business' capital needs 


What businesses can benefit from Merchant Cash Advance?
If your business accepts credit and debit card payments, Monetium Leasing offers Merchant Cash Advance that is best suited for your business.
Bars & Restaurants
Retail Stores
Petrol Stations
Online Shops
Beauty Salons




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